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Select the boundary edges making up the outer shape of the logo and run an "Edge to spline" command. The command is found on the Mesh > Commands menu.

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I think 3Dkiwi assumed you had a model of the logo already when he gave his answer. If you just have a png then you would probably be best redrawing it in illustrator or similar and then import the resulting path for a perfect result. I think the only option in cinema ( may be more in R20+ ) would be to use the vectoriser which is a kind of auto trace in cinema which would create a spline for you to extrude or loft etc.

Best to redraw it first as a vector.



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8 hours ago, Nigel said:

Thanks for your response.  What is the best way to import the logo? via photoshop?(it is a png)

as Deck says, you need to draw the logo with splines either in C4D or in illustrator.

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