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Cinema 4D will not save video with Transparent Background

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Hi guys,

I am new to Cinema 4D and was trying to export a animation I did in C4D to After Effects with transparent background. However, even though I clicked Alpha channel, when I imported the clip to After Effects the background is still not transparent. I tried both R21 and R22 but neither seem to be working. So just wondering if anyone know how to solve this problem. 

Thanks so much!)))


Screenshot (16).png

Screenshot (17).png

Screenshot (18).png

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Hi @DasFrodo thank you so much for your quick reply)))

I went back and ticked separate Alpha, but when I imported to After Effects, the background is still not transparent, I also clicked the "toggle transparency" on the footage composition in after effects and tried interpret footage but still doesn't seem to be working. My screenshots are attached.


Thank you so much!)

Screenshot (18).png

Screenshot (19).png

Screenshot (20).png

Screenshot (21).png

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Well, it appears you have your render settings set up the right way. I see your PNG sequence shows Millions of Colors+ which is also correct. In After Effects, right-click on your clip in the Project window and go to Interpret Footage --> Main...

Make sure this shows the Straight - Unmatted is selected. This is normally the default for AE. Not sure if yous got changed along the way. Try this and post back.


P.S. If you render anything that has a lot of detail, transparency, etc. then select a 16 bit PNG file for better quality.



Interpret Footage.png

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Hi @BigAl3D

Thank you so much for your quick reply!) I tried to change to Straight - Unmatted in Interpret Footage inside After Effects but it appears mine is greyed out. I have my screenshot attached below. 

Thank you so much)!

Screenshot (22).png

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Hi @briankoko

Thank you so much for your quick reply) I uploaded a screenshot of my project in cinema 4d as well as the the folder that was saved to from cinema 4d, I had it saved to a series of png to make the video background transparent so the pngs are saved to a folder. And then in after effects I imported the first png of the sequence to the composition. If you need anything else let me know. Thank you so much for your help)))

Screenshot (24).png

Screenshot (25).png

Screenshot (26).png

Screenshot (27).png

Screenshot (28).png

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That's a good point Mash. There are some issues with a background object or a sky object messing up the alphas. I just noticed the Null object having objects hidden as children. At least open that up so we can see the objects.

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Thank you @imashination and @BigAl3D. I have uploaded a my projected below.  It is a basic animation of a paper flying, I hid the bend on the paper so it doesn't show in rendering. There is just the wind under the null object, I have meant to make the wind a child of the null object so I probably accidently made an null object. 


Thank you guys so much for your helps!)


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