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CAD Imported Polygons

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I recently started using C4D to produce interior architectural visuals with Arnold and have had reasonable success so I thought I'd try with the exteriors. I've hit a bit of a problem - when I try to use brick or roof materials the model goes haywire because of the displacement.


I've managed to work out that its because the walls and roof are polygon objects but made up of only a handful of large triangular polys and a few large quads but I cant work out how to "split" these in C4D so that I have lots of small regular shaped quads to make the displacement subdivision work as intended. (I tried Untriangulate but that didn't do anything)


Any help greatly appreciated as it's driving me mad!

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I'm afraid it is going to continue to drive you mad because there are no easy answers that are guaranteed to work. You are correct that you cannot expect displacement to work properly on imported CAD meshes and their shameful topology.


The solutions are:


1. Use something like Quad remesher (paid) or Instant meshes (free, but less helpful) to auto retopo the model into even quads. Often doesn't work because you can't direct edge flow specifically enough. Some people try it in Z-brush too, which does have superior remeshing tools.

2. You can try throwing it all under a volume builder and remeshing that way (also often doesn't work with hard surface as it is designed for more organic forms)

3. Rebuild the model out of regular polygons ( a colossal amount of manual work) using tools like HB Modelling bundle's re-topo setup.




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Cerbera has rightly reviewed the options. Quad remember was done by the same person as Zbrush's algorithm, so they will likely give the same result. Another option to consider is purchasing Moi3d. It often has the best method for covering CAD models to polygon surface objects. I think you can get a trial of that program.

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