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Modelling a complex organic form

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Hello everyone,

I have to make a motion graphics scene about bacteria and stuff.

The client would like a look like the pic i'm attaching.

Can anybody please give me some tips or lead me to tutorials that can explain how to obtain that look? I'm guessing i'll need some metaball stuff with an atom array, but i'm not sure.


Thanks in advance 😄


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That is a very difficult thing to model, and is probably mathematically generated originally. You can build that geo easily enough, but the difficulty lies in seeing the patterns in it and trying to work out what should be connected to what... if that is all you have as reference, that is not really enough to go on...


However if we are talking more generally about this sort of intermeshed twisting form, then I'd say the volume builder might end up getting involved here most usefully so that you can use its smoothing components to connect otherwise disconnected model parts.



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Your image was done in Rhino, a nurbs modeler, but I don't know the details. (https://www.grasshopper3d.com/photo/triple-weave-sphere-print?context=album&albumId=2985220%3AAlbum%3A1013783)


One tipoff is that this is two spheres covered with hexagons having every other point scaled towards the center. At that point, you are correct, it would be an atom array with subdivision. I think this was done with soft selection transforms, rather than mathematically, as covering a sphere with hexagons will actually require a few pentagons. They can be hidden in the back, or you can shrink wrap a hexagon grid onto a hemisphere and the render will hide the issues. You can see the thickness in the woven areas actually varies considerably in thickness in your model and some of the hexagons are pentagons in your illustration (two loops instead of one are woven). Something like this:



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Here is a shrink-wrapped hexagon grid, and you can adjust the points as desired. Note, this is non mathematical, as you cannot have a sphere composed of all hexagons. But 3D is basically an illusion anyway. I can't give the specifics for how to do this in C4D, as I no longer use the program, but I know there is a shrink wrap deformer.


Another way to consider is to use booleans and the volume builder. It will not create pretty topology, but that may not matter. Here, for instance, is a woven chain run through the equivalent of C4D's volume builder. (Modeling is easier in Houdini for this sort of thing, as you can make anything that you can conceptualize).


BTW, your client must not know what bacteria look like, because they are nothing like the example. These are closer:





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    thank you so much guys, i'll make treasure of your tips and i'm tackling this with more confidence now 😄

    thank you so much !! 🙂

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