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Torch flame or jet exhaust?

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I was thinking about having an item in an animation emit a nice blue or purple flame like that of a blowtorch. Does anyone have a link to a tutorial to create something like that in Cinema 4D? I am sure that it could be added in post, but if I can I'd rather have it rendered directly into the scene.

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Cinema doesn't have any Flame or Jet sim stuff past what you can do with Pyrocluster, or faking it via other means. The most realistic results probably would come from a Post solution or a TPP like TFD or (later versions of) Xparticles. But there will be lots of ways to fake the look if you get creative with it. For example you could get a cylinder and use something like the flame or ring-wave shaders in the opacity channel of a material assigned to it to fake it, possibly in conjunction with a volumetric or visible light or other layers that help build up the effect...


If I wasn't so busy today I would make you some tests, but maybe I will get some time over the weekend...



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That looks right. Can it be animated so that it looks like it flickers a bit, so it's not just static? What settings would you personally animate if trying to get it to look like a real flame?

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