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Recreate effect with Xpresso?

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I asked on the GSG slack channel how to recreate this effect in C4D. 

Someone suggested this option with Xpresso bellow:

“tie the position and rotation properties offset in time with Xpresso.”


the problem is I have no clue how to set it up. I didn’t think xpresso generated new geometry. 

if any one has a quick minute to illustrate the Xpresso setup, it would be greatly appreciated!






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I think it's the Memory node but I can't be sure.


You can the moInstance object from the Mograph menu to create these effects.

The docementation expains quite well how to use it, but basically you would select the text object, then add the moInstance object and animate that.



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I have tried the moinstance object, but unable to control the distance between each instance. There is no option to do so.

Thats why I wanted to try the Xpresso route.

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in this file  you find the priciples. first is a memory node to make the delay and after that the vector gets split into its xyz values to add depth.


I hope you find it from here.


best regards



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This is wonderful! really nice! I learned something new. I never knew there was a memory node or a vector split.

Thanks again for your help. 💯

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1 hour ago, jed said:

@Jops you can just use 1 memory node + iteration


position_delay 2.c4d 284.96 kB · 1 download


has sliders 😀

Hi Jed,

thanks, yes this is the way to do it properly in xpresso, 🙂. Nice setup:)

As I understood it capnat is quite new to xpresso, so I wanted to show him a setup he could get into easily.

BTW. I like this thread. Small task with different solutions 🙂 

Thanks to all,


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