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Column of coins won't stay in place

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Hello everyone!
I'm working on a sequence showing vertical piles/columns of coins, using a cloner, aligned on a spline (important for the rest of my project)
And one thing bugging me is that, although I've tried to be rigorous as possible with all my measurements, when I hit "play", I have this annoying bouncing effect between the coins, before everything falls appart, while I wish all my column would stand still and solid.
File attached. Tell me what I'm missing.

Thanks for your help!




pile pieces.c4d

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A pile of smooth pieces that high and of those dimensions is inherently unstable in real life, and is equally so (+ perhaps a little bit more I would say) in the bullet engine. There's not a great deal you can do about that in the dynamics tab settings, no matter what you do with collision modes, or in the master settings, like upping steps per frame / changing dynamics scale size for example. So when that is the case dynamics requires a helping hand to stay put, and in this case the only place you can really affect this seriously is the Forces tab, by increasing Follow Position / Rotation away from their zero default values. It doesn't take much (only 2-5) here to stabilise the pile.



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Actually I found a quite satsfying solution by changing  "everything" in the dynamic/trigger parameters by "on collision". The column stays clean and steady until an object comes to collide! 

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Although it might work in your scene context, that is not a proper solution though, because it doesn't let the coins fall / settle into place - it bolts them rigidly where they are until hit by something.



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Yes I know, I just noticed that ahah, but that problem, in my case scenario at least, is much easier to solve. 

Thanks for your reply anyway!

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