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Pinball bumper

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Hi everyone!

I'm working on a pinball animation, in which the ball will be bouncing around on different elements like.... well, like in a pinball. I'm planning to have it all done with dynamic elements.

The wall I'm hittinng now is that I need to have bumpers, (those funny mushrooms you have on pinballs) on which the ball should violently bounce back as soon as collision happen.

As far as I understood, Xpresso, which I basically never used, should be able to help me on that task, but so far playing around with the collision mode didn't provide the results I was expecting. The strategy I had in mind was to increase the scale of the bumper at collision, the sudden scale change providing sufficient energy to kick the ball out .

But I'm totally open to any other suggestions.

See the file attached. Thanks!



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I'd have the bumper hidden, so the increase in size isn't apparent. This file uses a condition node with 2 radii, 0 or 1 passes the value on the input ports.




here's one I made a few years ago - don't ask how it works, I've forgotten even though I left myself notes 😀


The sounds should be embedded and (on Windows) CTRL and ALT work the flippers -




needs a fairly fast pc + decent gfx, but turning off shadows might help in that respect.

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Ok This was exactly what I needed BUT.
sorry for being such a newbe,  I want to modify the value of the radius in "hidden" (turn it from 150 to 200) and I can't even get to change the value... how do you do that?

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