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Based on your course selection, then is it safe to assume that 1) you are new to C4D and 2) you want to get into motion graphics?  If so, then either course will provide you what you need but here are some observations on both:


Motion Design School


  1.  Shorter, cheaper and maybe worth starting out as it requires less of a commitment in both time and money if you are knew to both C4D and motion graphics.  
  2. Does cover Redshift and material nodes.  These are good to know.
  3. Overall, a good "survey course" as it touches a bit of everything in 12.5 hours.  
  4. Only two courses of MoGraph...though I do not know how long each class is and there is no specific mention of Fields (which would be a big gap if you wish to learn motion graphics), but there is a class on "Deep MoGraph"  so it could be in there.

School of Motion


  1. Probably goes a bit deeper than the Motion Design classes as it has 25 hours of instruction delivered across 9 week period and requires homework.  So more than likely it is more rigorous and goes deeper into each subject.   
  2. I enjoy EJ Hassenfratz's teaching style as he has a good amount of free content on YouTube.  Look up his channel "EyeDesign" on YouTube (found here)
  3. No mention of material nodes but that could be buried in the section on "Material Properties".  
  4. Only 1 week on Mograph (remember that the other course had two videos on MoGraph)
  5. It appears that EJ's classes will be live because in addition to the 9 weeks of classes, the final three are devoted to "Extended Critique"  -- which I assume is EJ giving you feedback on your course project.  You just can't beat live training.
  6. The course is pretty expensive at $997.   Now, apart from the content (which I am sure will justify the cost), you do have to ask yourself if there are other courses out there for that amount of money  that ALSO count towards some college degree, certification, etc.  I mean, think about your career objectives and whether or not your "final project" created in this course is all that you will need to get motion graphics related work as that will be about all you will have to show for your investment (as  opposed to some certification, degree, etc.)

My final recommendation: Well...it really depends on your goals and timeframe.  Personally, I would pass on both until I have fully exhausted all the resources at Cineversity and YouTube (both free). 


....and then of course there is the Cafe courses found at this site.  There are 9 courses from Digital Meat on Fields alone.  If you check out the C4D Cafe channel on YouTube, well you find courses by Hrvoje which are ALWAYS OUTSTANDING.  There used to be a whole series of courses on Material Nodes, Fields, Fracturing, and Modeling  on that channel but right now all I can find is Xpresso.  Not sure what happened but that is quite the loss of material which you would definitely benefit from.  Hrvoje could teach anything....he gently brings you from zero to expert in the shortest time possible.  Even when the experts take his "basic" courses, they learn something new.  So....I highly recommend him should his content be made available again (not sure what happened there). 


Then, if you still want more, move to Udemy as they always have courses with pretty good content on sale for no more than $11 USD.


I hope this helps.


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Get motion design school for starters. I must say while the course is excellent, it gets kinda deep at some points even for my likings 🙂 
If u are ok with that, i think there so much value in there, even for experienced users.

Other than that, I d suggest anything of Tim Clapham's stuff. And keep ur eye on utube, lots of interesting tutorials by Chris Smidt and EJ.


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I'm currently doing the School of Motion C4D Basecamp and absolutely love it. 


EJ's classes are pre-recorded and released every few days along with bonus content and PDF info sheets. 


Each student is assigned a Teaching Assistant that critiques the homework along with Facebook group with the rest of the students giving feedback. 

In the "homework locker" you can download each others homework and see how others approached the assignment which is really helpful.


There are 2 assignments a week with soft deadlines of a couple of days, but the work can still be critiqued until end of course . There are also 2 catch up weeks too.

It doesn't delve too deep into each concept given the limited time but does give enough information to get going with any of the topics.  This is more basics of modeling, lighting, animation, mograph, and compositing etc.


Like any course, you'll get out of it exactly what you put into it. It's full on if trying to keep up with the deadlines. Been in the group and seeing other students work is really inspiring.


I'm sure the motion design school is solid too and the two courses may compliment each other.

SOM has a new course out too which goes deep into RedShift and materials but I haven't looked into that as I want to get my basics better.


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