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Create Multiple Mapping in One Interpolation?

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I'm not sure what's the proper term but is there a way to create multiple mapping in one interpolation?

For "single" mapping, it would look like this 

Driver Driven
0              0%      
10             100%

This means at 5 Driver it will output 50% Driven. 

For "multiple" mapping, (which is what I am after), it would look like this: 

Driver Driven 
0             0
2             35%
5             80%
9             95%
10            100%

So, at 1 driver point, it will output 17.5%
At, 6 driver point, it will output, 83.75% so on and so forth. 

The only theoretical solution I have is to have separate range mapper for each mapping and clamp the output. 
My problem with this is if I change/add/delete a mapping point, I'd have to redo several range mapper nodes, etc. 

Is there a way around this? 


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Thanks! The problem with the spline option is that I can't input values other than 0 and 1
For instance, the X and Y coordinates are limited to 0,1. 

My range values is a bit nonuniform, instead of a simple 0, 1 range. 
So I want a Y range of 25 to 80 while the X range just a plain 0, 1. 

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Spline interpolate values between output min and output max, so it´s not between 0 and 1. It´s simplified interface for user to know/imagine what value is in this moment/at this point...

You could set values as you need, it´s not restricted to ,1 .Could be used also  ,875 and it´s really exact number imo 🙂

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I mean the input range. 
For example, input minimum 25. The input maximum 80 

I want the spline to be able to reflect that 25 - 80 in the spline graph. 
Currently, it is fix to 0 - 1. 

So  for instance, if I have to create a interpolating point in 40. I have to compute it, manually.
So, it would be around 0.2727 in the spline graph. 

And i have to do this for every interpolating point. 

That's why I want the spline to reflect the actual input values

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it´s only UI question...

Because if you use linear steps, just linear spline in range you want give you results what you want.



the same like with fields...

,,,everything is between 0 and 1

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Thanks for the response. 
I understand its a UI question. It works. 
My main concern is if I want to add a
"a interpolating point in 40. " within the graph. 

There is no direct way of doing so.
When you create a point in the graph, the values are limited to 0 - 1.
I have to compute/normalize it to 0-1 which is 0.2727.


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