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Polygon Count Differs

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So inside Cinema 4D I create a basic primitive Cube. I then hit CTRL+i, and the Information Box tells me that the primitive Cube has 6 Polygons.


Next, I save the Cube, as an FBX, to the Desktop inside of Windows 10. I then use Windows 10's 3D Viewer program, and that program tells me that the Cube, has 12 Triangles.


Going on the premise that a Triangle is a Polygon, why is there a discrepancy in the two statistics?



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Quads AND triangles are polygons. In your case the primitive cube consists of 6 quad polygons.

When converted to another format, the quad polygons may get converted to triangles. Since 1 quad equals 2 triangles, your 6 quad polygons become 12 triangle polygons.



If you would triangulate the cube in Cinema4D you would end up with 12 triangles to begin with.

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At some point all polygons are broken down to triangles, at the very leats the renderengine will need triangles. Some fileformats and applications don't even support anything but triangles. Cinema 4D supports Triangles, Quads and N-Gons, even with holes. On import into any other application the structure, and therefore the polycount, might have to be adjusted.

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