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Bullet impact "Mushroom" simulation

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Hello All!

I am trying to figure out the best approach for creating a simulated animation of how a bullet "Mushrooms" as it impacts a surface. My initial thought is to build it in 2 parts. The Bullet as a Loft and the mushroom part as a Pose Morph tag with 4 ot 5 states to morph through.  Then maybe i either composite them together in AE or I try combining them with the Volume Builder / Mesher.

Does any have any advice for something like this? Maybe there is a better and simpler approach?  Any advice is greatly appreciated!  Thank You for reading and have a great day!

Here is a link to an animation that someone has created. This is what I looking to do:


Mushroom pic.jpg

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I don't think you need to combine them, as one completely subsumes the other at the end. Your plan seems good, and particularly so to use the loft for the bullet bit,  where you could animate the splines within that so that it could collapse / disappear into the mush. Having said that, VB could work too, with its smooth and inflation properties adding to your low ish poly pose morph mesh...



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Thanks CBR! Ill proceed in this direction.  I may also try dabbling with some Sculp tools for my various Pose Morph states to try'n get some of this cracked up texture and odd shapes...OR do you think that will get too heavy?  Maybe more of a Displace  / bump shader approach?

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13 hours ago, kkyak said:

OR do you think that will get too heavy?

Yeah, you don't really wanna be Pose Morphing a Volume Mesher result - that is likely to bring even quite fast machines to their knees in fairly short order. Much better to PM the source object within it instead, so you get the best of both worlds... likewise by all means use sculpting functions to gain your forms if that would help you, but don't subdivide them too much whilst sculpting for the same reason, and certainly not to a high enough degree to be carving in those cracks and whatnot....


I would almost certainly do that with a multi-noise-driven displacement type setup, so that bit only gets calculated on render.



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