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Odd Silence

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2 hours ago, bobc4d said:

there is still no MAKE IT PRETTY tool. I've been requesting one in Houdini for 3 years, still nothing.  what gives?

You're joking now, but then there will be a sufficiently far developed AI, and then you're out of a job. 🙀

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I think it still is oddly silent. even after the publication of the Neutron news everything feels so calm and quiet. Is it because forums are not the place to be anymore, is it because covid drove so many out of business or maybe people don't get the impression, that the news really affect them? Or maybe I am the only one that feels that way?


best regards


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I think that the forums have lost a lot of appeal in the last decade. MAXON User numbers are so much higher than at the high time of the forums, but noone  (statistically) is interested in what happens in the forums, my guess is they are all to busy working. Social Media will account for some of this, but even then the disparity between paying customers and publicly visible customers is huge.

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So not even MAXON knows where the scene has moved to? Well there is so much training material around that people might just not have to ask questions, but on the other hand there is so much besides that to have a chat about. it may well be that 3d has left its niche and therefore the feeling of community has been lost. But on the other hand I have the impression, that there are some blender forums out there that are very well populated.

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We know where the scene has moved, it just isn't as large as it was in the past. If you take into account the followers of high level C4D users on social media i would guess that the numbers are higher than in the past, those people just aren't as active as many forums members were in the past.
Maybe we just came to the point where Cinema 4D has become just one of the standard tools. I don't bother with visiting Photoshop, Office, or forums of other software i use, why should the majority of Cinema 4D users?

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So maybe I should have said C4D has left its niche. And blender itself is some sort of community project so its forums are better populated.

So where do I have to go then to find the rest of the scene 🙂  

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You will not find the old scene again, but there were never more highly visible C4D users online than today. I have to say i miss the old times a bit, but the new ones aren’t bad either.

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Cafe never had more members than now. Also the amount of daily traffic and unique visitors was never higher than now. As to why more and more people keep in shadows as oppose to being more vocal on forums that is something I don't have an answer too. If I had to guess on off the factors, most of people are simply looking for a solution for a problem they encountered and there are in fact a lot of available solutions on Cafe - so maybe they don't have to ask that much. Aside to that, some members which were very frequent posters went a bit silent in last period. Things will certainly become a lot more busy in September

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