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How to align the symmetry of an object?

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I'm not sure the title describes my problem exactly, but anyway...

Hi guys, a newbie here, literally (just 2 days of learning). So here is the thing:

I have an object which I don't know how to join(?) with its symmetry object back again. I moved the object with the X coord and following so many tutorials about the "axis" that I think I complicated it even more, so they got separated, now I'm not able to perfectly "align" them.

https://ibb.co/jrTBvqM In this screenshot you can better understand what i'm talking about. As you can see, the tolerance of the symmetry is 0.01 cm.

https://ibb.co/3CnM3M2 When I put the tolerance in 1.01 cm it seems to be fixed. but...

https://ibb.co/g9NFTxZ ... is a vague solution.

How can I fix it without touching its tolerance? (0.01 cm by default)


I'd be thankful if you can help me, step by step what I have to do. 3-4 hours looking for a solution in the internet and just found this, but I couldn't follow those steps because I don't understand them.

Huge thanks for your help.

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1 hour ago, Cerbera said:

Please just upload your scene file, and we'll fix it for you.



Hey mate, thanks for you help. No, I'd actually really like to learn how to do it, or if I just watch a video recommended by you.

I want to understand how to fix any Cinema 4D challenge correctly, from scratch.

Thanks anyway.

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Yes, but you need to provide the scene file anyway so we can see where yours is wrong ! no point in sending you to some random tutorial when we have no clue as whether the circumstances they are start with are anything like yours !

Pls do read our post 'How to Post of the Cafe' in the Forum Rules section, which explains what we need to answer questions.




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