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Should I do this with particles or something else?

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Hi All, 

In my head I'm trying to animate around 50 objects (all identical) slowly floating within a defined volume (but volume would not be rendered), slowly rotating and not intersecting (but they don't need to be birthed and can appear all at once). So far I've done an approximation of this with a particle emitter (rigid bodies) , letting the particles float in/out of the frame. I haven't been very good at controlling this and some of the objects get jittery/glitchy, which is not good.

Is there another way to do this? I don't know if I should be using thinking particles or maybe mo graph? This is a first time for particles for me, and I'm not sure if there is a better way to animate things. Any suggestions about directions or options would be great. 


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50 objects should be fine with plain mograph. Follow position in the dynamics tab is the key to it. so you make them dynamic and if follows position is on then as you move / animate the cloner the clones will try to follow it. alternatively you can clone onto a spline and use the "rate" parameter to drive the clones along the spline, with dynamics but also follow position.

Just rotating the cloner itself can produce some nice results. You also get to use the regular particle tools like wind turbulence etc.

The other key thing is to reduce the gravity to zero in your project settings, so things will just float when made dynamic.

Follow position with dynamics is the key to getting things moving and not intersecting.


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Thank you Deck!!!

This is a huge help, I really appreciate the tips as well. I was struggling with particles in some way, I'm hoping this will be a better direction. Very much appreciated!!! 

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