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Basically, yes. The Neutron node system is the basis for all new features going forwards. In its current state though it isn't something most people will want to use directly; it is super powerful but

Really?  Neutron....and not Neutrino?     I mean, which one works better for you?   This one:     Or this:     Honestly, you folks resonat

Although I don't post much these days I check in several times a week. Yeah I watched the Neutron preview and it looks awesome. Had MAXON released this while I was still using C4D I would likely still

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2 minutes ago, 3D-Pangel said:

Did he go sub-atomic?  Should we call him Ant-Man? 🙂

At this point, that could be the proper name...only thing is, he is a guy 190cm and like 100kg of muscle, so maybe some other name would be more suited. 😄

U Render Quality Assurance Specialist

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15 minutes ago, stoecklem said:

I am curious about the total lack of python control and node api for material nodes that hasn’t seen the light of day. 

Tell me about it. I asked about it plugin-cafe but it seems to be a low priority task. 
That's why its tricky to build a material pipeline with the recent builds (R20, R21, R22)

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Before I mislead you, they didn't say it was "low priority". 
It just my impression. 

I mean the new nodal material was introduced in R20. No API in R21. No API in R22. 
What else could it be? 

If they were release interested in providing an API, they could have introduced it in R21 and R22 even in small increments. 
I mean just little codes to create node, connect parameters and change parameters. 

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54 minutes ago, stoecklem said:

I am curious about the total lack of python control and node api for material nodes that hasn’t seen the light of day. 

What do you want to do with Python? For actual shading it is way to slow, thats why specialised shading languages exist.

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Not sure what's stoecklem but basically script the node creation, parameter changes etc.
I guess the most crude example is when you have PBR textures, you just open one folder and it automatically connects to proper slot. 

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And the taste of the beast was shown to the public. Folks, as said, for R23 it will come in a form of advanced tech demo but don't let that steer you away from using it - it is super fast and powerful with endless possibilities. You can spin millions of objects easily on single consumer gpu. First nodes only, but later high level workflow. This is what the community was waiting for years. With it you can create pretty much anything that pops to your mind such as own constraint, deformer, effector, field, do parametric modelling etc. I had the privilege to work on it and managed to get intimate with it - fun times ahead 🙂



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we certainly aren't asking for anything like that. Like Bentraje said.. control over creating nodes/assets/parameters/connections.  I thought that I remembered the "node API" that was a big reason why upgraded my MSA to R21 was eventually going to be released to the public.  But I guess nothing like this is in the plans?   I just want python control over Nodes like we have python control of every other aspect of Cinema 4D

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