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R20 to R22 plugins update

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I am still on R20 and deciding this year to make the leap. I ll go R21 first and when R22 is out gonna jump there as well.

So from r20 to higher versions, do i need updated plugins? 

Also my layout needs to be created from scratch? preferences too? I have a custom setup/shortcuts and in every version im afraid something is gonna crack 😄 

Thanks alot!

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I think in most cases you will need updated plugins, but I was able to transfer my existing layouts into the equivalent folder in the new 21 install to get those back, though in S22, because of the UI redesign I had to pretty much start again, which was no bad thing given that it was about time my layout got updated to include new things anyway...



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If you got any Python scripts, you may need to update them too because of the Python 3 introduction (I don't know whether MAXON intends to support Python 2 for a transition time); including all C4D elements that contain Python code - tags, generators, effectors, fields, xpresso nodes, ... - whatever you actually use.

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