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Bionic Swift

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Occasionally I see something so cool I'll post it here whether Cinema, or 3D in general is involved or not...


Today's is one of those, and one to be filed under 'Inspirational', although I have no doubt that some 3D was involved in this video, even if a lot of it could have been (and was) the real life object filmed in flight. I may well model it myself - the forms in the bird are literally screaming out to be Sub-D modelled and animated...


So with that said I bring you FestoLabs latest experiments with bioform engineering. Spkrs up - soundtrack as awesome as the rest of it ! Enjoy...



Also don't forget to go check out their other robotic creations - the rolling spider is, if anything EVEN cooler !!!






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wow that's a nice project 

somehow the bird looks really expensive and extremely cheap at the same time, but maybe that's because I used to own a China manufactured pre-knockoff version of this over a decade ago and it reminds me of this.


Do you know what their goal is with these? Is it just to test out if it is possible to recreate the behaviour of flight mechanically or do they plan on using this for something specific? 

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