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C4d issues with windows 10

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Hi I am new and was wonder ianyone can help me


I have 2 c4d programs:






Granted they are old programs compared to the newer versions but they work fine on my old computer (Windows 7)


On windows 10 they also work fine but I have to keep typing the registration number everytime i use it.


I don't have this problem with windows 7 so any ideas why windows 10 is no storing the registration numbers


Is there something i doing wrong



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Im thinking your lucky they work on Windows 7.  I was quite happy with Win 7 but things change and eventually I was forced to Win 10.  


CE 6 was given away with 3D world back in 2003, version XL 6 was out in early 2000 so 5.2 would have been out 1998-1999, either way thats 20 years old.  I hope someone can help you but to be honest if its working on Win 7 stick with it.  Win 10 has given me so much grief, plenty of hardware and software dont work in it and they are not 20 years old, more like 12 years old.  At a guess Im thinking the serial is stored in registry, or a licence file that is not compatible with Win 10.


I cant imagine hardly anyone using a version that old these days.  This must have been programed for Win XP, Win 2000. 


I have sitting on my shelf Cubase VST 32 5.2 Producer's Pack.  The box is like new with all CDs, that cost a fortune back then in 2001, that will never work on any PC again, and the way things have moved on in tech I wouldn't go there.  I still have an Original Amiga 1200 Power tower, with keyboard mouse, Monitor, and 100s of disks and original Music X v2 software with MIDI dongle, some day Il sell it as a classic,  I wouldn't try to use it, things have moved on so much I could not be waiting for 15min for it to load lol.


Maybe its time to move on to newer things?





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I appreciate the feedback.


I have to admit i do love using the old CINEMA 4D SE 5_2 as i am more comfortable with it than CINEMA_4D_CE+_6


I know that the more up-to-date version is more powerful and with more features on it but the latest one seems too expensive for such an amateur like me



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