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Triggering color change with music within C4D

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Hi to all, i know the title sounds pretty funny but this is a serious matter! 🙂

Similarly to the workflow presented in this video 


(starting from 23:40)

I wanted to feed some music data to geometry, say a cylinder, and have it grow to the beat from 0 to 255 (for RGB values).  Then I wanted to feed the 0-255 height data into color sliders within standard material. Is there a moderately easy way to do it, using Sound Shader and Expresso? Or do i have to dive in Coffee and Nodes and other crazy (from my level of knowlegde) stuff? 

The issue I'm having is that Sound Shader does not provide any sort of output data that I feed Expresso with (pasting screeshot below). Frequencies chart does only visualize music flow but doesn't really come out with any raw data - or am i wrong? 

Has anyone here ever tried something similar and somehow dealt with the struggle? 🙂 

Will appreciate any tips, here to learn.


Thanks, Maria 




scrnsht 1 .png

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It can be done with XPresso. Couple things to be aware of:
Sample node is to be used for sampling Effectors Strength,
Always handy Range Mapper node can be used to change limits of values coming from source parameter to output parameter,

RGB colour in C4D are interpreted as percentage or 0-100 rather then 0-255, but that can be calculated bu XPresso aswell.


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