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Cinema 4d & SSD hard drive

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Hi guys,

I have an issue with working on C4D and my SSD.
Somehow, after every time I use the program, 2-4 GB of my SSD disk gets filled up. I don't know how should I delete that cache which has been used but I think it will be a problem in the future if it continues this way. Could you please tell me what should I do?

I'm using Octane render, Also. 

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20 hours ago, stoecklem said:

And it doesn’t get free after you close c4d?  That’s not good. What c4d version and os? 

Nop. I even deleted the cache from the memory section in the preferences.

I'm using C4D v21 and Octane v 1.4 Also my operating system is Windows 10 home 

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12 hours ago, imashination said:

Open the preferences and go to the memory section, there are various caches c4d needs to work.

I tried this but didn't work.  :"( 

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8 hours ago, bezo said:

Can you post screenshot where (exact place in hierarchy) and what kind of data (name/extension)?  

Sorry I didn't get it. What do you mean?

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I think, bezo meant, where on your SSD those two to four gigabyte are located (i.e. directory) and which file type they have (extension).
I agree, given the sheer size, it shouldn't be too hard to locate. Tools like for example WinDirStat may help, if in doubt.

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