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Importing Illustrator files in C4d at correct size

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I know many people have had problems in the past with illustrator files being imported into C4d using the Merge command ending up the wrong size and not centred in the composition. I'll deal with the latter problem first.


In Illustrator by default the origin 0,0 is at the top left of the composition. If you want your splines to be at the centre of your C4D comp, then you need to first make the rulers visible in Illustrator, then click and drag the small square between the horizontal and vertical rulers and place it in the centre of your artwork. Save the file as Illustrator Version 8 and when you import it into C4D it will be at the origin.


Usually when you import a file from Illustrator it is approximately 3 times actual size, however the scaling on the x and y is not uniform as you would expect. You could take a note of the x and y dimensions of the object in Illustrator, then import it into C4D, then use the measuring tool to get the imported size. By dividing the actual size for x and y by the imported size for x and y you'll get two scalers and they will be different. I guess its just the way that C4D works. If you now select the top object of the splines that you imported and then enter the x and y scalers for the x and y scale in the coordinates tab, your spline should be exactly the correct size in both dimensions.


This does take time, so I have written a small app for Mac called Scaler which allows you to make these calculations and it also allows you to copy the x and y scalers to the clipboard to allow you paste into c4d. The file is too large at 15.7Mb for me to upload here, but if you'd like to try it let me know and I'll wetransfer it to you.



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I seem to remember the size issue is all down to illustrate storing its measurements as "points" which again from memory are 72 to the inch, and then inches to cm, so when you import you set the scale to ( 1 / 72 x 2.54 ) you can type that in but easier to just put in the result 0.035 and your splines should come in at same size.

Just gave it a try and seems fine.


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