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My (Octane) render is completely noised

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Hey !

I'm a new user of this forum and a beginner in 3D (c4d/octane) and I have a problem, when I'm rendering with a daylight and add a fog to the scene, my render has a lot of noise. 

I try to use hotpixelremovable, add compression to 1 and make the GUI clamp to 1 (it was 10 000 before)


Thanks for everyone who try to help me 😄

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Welcome to the cafe 🙂


Please do not post problems like this in the bugs department. Being so new to C4D you are not in a position to know what is a bug and what is user error, and in 98% of cases it is the latter. Moved to Octane forum so that only people who have that software (which does not come with Cinema) will need to click on it. Please read our topic 'How to Post of the Cafe so we can avoid posting in the wrong place with the wrong keywords and you know what basic information to include in a post, like for example which version of Cinema you are using.



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Truth is, Octane's fog and volumes are pretty slow and will need many thousands of samples to clean up. If you have a scene we can take a look but the realistic answer is that it will simply take a while.

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Hey Alkapule,

110 samples is extremely low. You should at least set it to 500-800 (the very least!) and use the AI denoiser.
I'd recommend render it with a lot more samples and try to use the denoiser as least as possible.

You may want some really light noise on your volume to make it look more realistic anyway.



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