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Mesh Deformer with Animated Allembic files

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I am attempting to apply a Real Flow mesher animation of a skull model melting to the original skull model that was used to generate the points for Real Flow.

The idea is to fill an object with particles, set those to viscous or other sim type, and then create a 3d model using Mesher.

Next, selecting the Mesher model, Exporting an Allembic with Selection Only and Merge Generated checked to get around Real Flow making individual files instead of animations, and re-importing that Allembic back into C4D with the Merge command.

Finally, the Mesh Deformer is applied to the Original model the points were generated from with the new Allembic animation set as the cage with Initialize clicked on the first frame and Auto Init checked.

When I click Initialize the Allembic turns wireframe/transparent as would be expected and animated as I click through, but the original model doesn't deform.

Original model is set to Editable. Does anyone have any ideas?


I'm attempting to share a link to the C4D and ABC files since they are slightly bigger than this sites file size limits, hopefully that's okay.


I made  a version without the Real Flow animation just in case it breaks for someone.





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As a follow up, I found a tutorial that showed how to make the Allembic files visible to the Pose Morph tags.



In short, duplicate the Allembic animation, make the first frame editable, and then use Pose Morph Tag with Points checked in the Mixing section on the  editable single frame layer. Delete the Pose.0 from Poses and replace by dragging the Allembic animation into its place. Say yes to Absolute when you drag it in.

Also set the Priority to Animation and the Base Priority to Initial.


So, now the Allembic animtion is visible and the Mesh deformer on the original model can see the changes to the distorting first frame of the Allembic animaiton, and translate that across to the original model.


Now, the problem I have is that when the Allembic animation moves too far from the initial pose, parts snap back to their initial position. This is occurring with the single frame of the Allembic animation so it appears to be a bug with the Pose Morph tag that I need to troublehsoot now.







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