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UV bonding, affects texture ... any ideas?

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Hello greetings and blessings ....
I have this problem and I would like your opinion.
right at the junction of the UV, whatever you do, I can't fix this.
I already subdivided, even with hypernurbs and nothing, moved the polygons and nothing
Any ideas to solve ..... and why is there a change in the texture of the UV joint?
I leave the photo below ...
Any help, ideas, or comments are welcome.
PS: one photo shows the object in 3D with the union of the UV, and the second photo shows the UV.






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Please use the cafe image upload system to show us pictures rather than bouncing us out to a site that requires registration in order to see them ! Also, it is far from clear what you mean with the words you have used, so we will be needing the full scene file (including textures) in order to understand what is going on here - pls upload that as well (or to dropbox etc if it is too big to do directly)



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