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Search string not working

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I've recently upgraded to C4D S22, and it's still as buggy and awful as the previous versions. I'm trying to load a scene I created a while ago, with a load of XRefs, and it seems MAXON STILL haven't sorted out all the bugs related to those. But I digress. I've found that the search box in the Object Manager just doesn't work. Has anyone else noticed this? No matter I type into the <<Enter your search string here>>, it NEVER finds anything. For example, I have a polygon called 'floor'. If I type 'floor', it finds nothing. If I type 'flo' it finds nothing. Am I doing something wrong? Is there some obscure setting I need to click to make this actually work?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

~ Paul

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Can you think of any DCC that contains no bugs ? I can't.


But unable this replicate this issue myself. Which version of S22 is this ? Having just tested it, I can say that in all versions of that search works perfectly for me.




There is nothing you need to specifically turn on to make this active... have you tried the normal things - program restart, system restart, delete prefs folder ? Or it might be a plugin breaking it for example... are you running any ?



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