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Simplify triangulated Polygon topography from Archicad?

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Hello there,

My first post and I'm pretty new to C4D coming over from Max. I use Archicad to model and am aiming to render in C4D + Corona + Forester. I've been learning a lot and making good progress; however I've hit a wall! Trying to resolve took way too much time yesterday, so here I am now to get advice 🙂


I have this Polygon in C4D that was a Mesh acting as a topography in Archicad. It comes in pretty triangulated. The problem is that when I go to scatter grass from Forester over this geometry, it's pretty irregular and clumps in certain areas based on the triangulation. I suppose there could be a Forester option that prevents that, but my hunch is that the triangulation rather than quad is the problem. Is there any way to clean this geometry up? I'd really rather not have to model it in C4D. Thank you.


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24 minutes ago, Igor said:

Can you upload the mesh and put an actual C4D version you are using? 🙂 

I think it might be a bug in that system of late. I notice about half of us are listing obscure numbers there for a couple of weeks...



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33 minutes ago, muchcattle said:

but my hunch is that the triangulation rather than quad is the problem. Is there any way to clean this geometry up?


If you are trying to smooth out bumps, then SDS or smooth deformer can both probably help, as could the smooth brushes at point level. SDS does surprisingly well when it's ALL triangles if they are evenly distributed and don't have complex poles and even moreso if curvature is minimal, as seems to be the case here...


But if it is just simplification you need - maybe polygon reduction would do it ?



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This is your fastest solution I would say. Creating a Splines from edge selection, in your case I selected boundery edges and converted them into Splines, then added a Loft generator with Regular Grid applied to Caps Type inside AM and Caps tab. With that kind of mesh you could have more control...



@Cerberathats a bummer...I think I know why that happend!

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Great, I am glad we were able to help. 🙂 

If you need to refine hight then use Sculpting Brushes/Tools...you dont need Sculpting tag to be able to use those brushes. 

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