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Pose Morph Keyframes not Animating

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There was a similar thread in the forum before and I tried asking for help there, but I got no replies, so I thought I'd make a new thread for more people to see it. Old topic: https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/109853-pose-morph-keyframes-not-animating/

So, I've got a mixamo rigged & animated character and I want to do some facial distortions.

The character design and animation workflow is as follows:
1. rigged and animated via Mixamo

2. Marvelous Designer clothes

3. Imported to C4D as alembic


The problem is the following: when I set keys on each of my morph poses in the morph tag, the keyframe values are set and their values show properly in the dope sheet, but the slider values stay constant at whatever I last set the sliders to. The end result is that the key values change in the dope sheet, but the face remains frozen.

Here's my project file: https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZ5ONakZpY8zlSVCrAugO6gidjQS8VsKwRv7


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Iv seen this and other odd things like this before and the quick fix is to copy everything in the object manager into a new scene.  It could be you have something turned off that Im not aware of, or a corrupt file.


Now about your scene in general, although you didn't ask for critique.  Your mesh is incredibly dense, this is more practical for sculpting and the sculpting mesh is not meant to be used for animation.  It may be the case it was a test file only if so ignore.  You should have all morphs applied with Post deformers, this allows for other deformers to be given priority.




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