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Calculate the normal of the polygon

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Hi, got a question for y'all.

I'm trying to rig a banana peeling. I have the joints on the side, but I want them aligned to the polygons to which they are binded to.

It was suggested to me that I needed to calculate the normals of the polygons in Xpresso to achieve this.


Problem is I have no idea what nodes or order to do this.


Any ideas or links to tutorials that cover this topic would be very appreciative 




Banana peel 1.JPG

Banana peel.c4d

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You need first align and then bind, but...


 - use the same count of joints as edge loops (mesh will be better weighted and simpler for rigging)

 - place joints exactly on edge loops (here you can simply use middle edge going from bottom to top, convert with edge2spline command and with selected spline use character/convert/spline2joints command)

 - align joints (select all joints and use character/commands/joint align tool command. This way will be joints aligned in "target" axis, but not up-vector.)

 - align joints 2 (go from root hierarchy to latest one joint and align up-vector axis (Y) to be perpendicular to mesh. You must hold (7) on numeric keyboard and then rotate to prevent childs rotation)

 - select joint chain and mesh and bind them...




Banana peel_0001.zip

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Thank you!! @bezo 

This totally makes sense! I really thought it was a Xpresso route, but aligning the joints before the bind is KEY!

Thank you for the C4D file and the thorough diagram!


Just want to say, this site is really useful!! 

It's a great community!



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There is also another solution if you wish to try. You can  create an edge along the middle of your geometry. select that edge and convert it into a spline, and then : menu > character > convert > convert spline to joints. (each point will get a joint) If the alignment of the joints is not good, run the  character/commands/joint align tool command.


hope it helps


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