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Masking a Normal map

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Hi Cafe


Im a bit new to normal maps as I generally don't get on with them ( today too ), I have a nice texture set up using bump and reflections and a few other channels for the head of a beer and Im pretty happy with that. I wanted to overlay some bigger bubbles on the existing texture and I can do that in the bump map using the layer shader and layer masks etc.

When I try to do the bigger bubbs in the normal channel ( using the normaliser ) it wipes out all of my previous bump, Ive tried to mask it as you would in a layer shader and Ive set that up with a grey a black and a white but none would limit the effect of the normaliser over the other channels.

I could build the whole thing in either bump or normal but would be so much better to have them separate.

So is there a masking / alpha trick I can do or a certain colour I can mask with that has no effect like 50% grey in bump.





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Cheers Bezo,


I didn't have my layer mask on bottom like that, I was trying to put a black or white under it so that could have been it, tho Im having trouble reproducing the problem this morning and off to work shortly.

Never would have occurred to me to have a layer mask with nothing beneath it but it makes sense now I see your example.

Many thanks




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