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Is it Possible to shortcut the Traffic lights in object manager?


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The commands can be found in extended form in the object manager's menu: Object -> Object Display (submenu).

Under these names, they can also be found in the Customize Command window, where you can select some shortcuts.

Note that there are 2 commands with the same name at least on my system; use the ones with the proper icons.

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There is drag and drop capability if you click and drag.  Unfortunately, the tricky part comes when you click and when you drag. 


For example, when dealing with the top stop light (visibility) -- say it is green but you want it to go to red as well as the 5 objects below it.  Left-Click it so that it goes red and while still holding the left mouse button down start to drag the cursor down just a little bit in a slow and steady fashion until you see the pointer turn into a paint brush.  At that point, while still holding down the left mouse button, as you paint down that column of stop lights for all the other objects, their visibility will turn to red.


But if all else fails, there is also the layer manager as well to turn on an off layers from both visibility and rendering.


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