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Forester Trees Changing Leaves

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I have been sending some of my spare time working on one of my own pet projects which involves using trees from the Forester plugin. I opened up my file and started looking to make improvements using Redshift… To my horror it didn't look anything like the render I did on Monday and I spent the whole afternoon trying to work out why comparing other scenes and files. For some reason C4D had turned off Linear Workflow but even then the scene wasn't lit quite the same. What even more annoying is that all of my trees had rearranged their leaves… And some of them I spent a fair bit of time on getting them to add to the ambience.


Is the Forester plugin fraught with peril like this? I have noticed this before when working on other projects. I have rearranged my trees to suit but I fear they will all move again and give me more grief…

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You should probably best ask the Forester guy about this directly, he is great with his support


I have noticed that when caching wind when the trees are displayed as points under a MultiCloner it can lead to weird changes in the leaves, e.g. making the trees much slimmer

Also not having the original tree's PSR on the world center can lead to wrong placement when under a MultiCloner distributing onto a geometry

Maybe this helps


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