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Hello from Sydney.

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Hi everyone,


My name is Tom, and I'm currently living in Sydney Australia. I've had quite an exciting career as a musician, but lately I've been transitioning into graphic design. Anything that I have learned for Cinema 4D in the last 6 months, has been mostly done via YouTube videos, and of course some trial and error in the program itself.


There is actually something I am very much looking forward to learning, but haven't figured out how to even search for this topic, what the proper keywords might be. So I took a screenshot of my problem with the hopes that someone here could help me out. Perhaps it's something very simple to one of you, but to me it's quite stressful. 


In the image there's a model of a star. I circled the 2 points that I wish to be in a straight line, so that when you rotate the star it doesn't wobble. Unfortunately the best I could do is snap the bottom point to the floor, while still unable to figure out how to straighten out the top. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, and thank you so much in advance!




not straight.png

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