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Cull Objects from Camera View?

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Certainly seems like it might be, providing OPs version includes the button that allows LOD results to show in render and not just in the viewport... not sure if that was there right from when this tool was first introduced...



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You could use a couple of effectors parented to your camera like the file and grab below, but just like using any effector this only hides the clones and therefore doesn't help with any speed increase. to do that you would be better off changing the floor shape ( or a false / hidden floor shape ) to similar triangle as camera view, obviously that would work for a still but probably not so much for moving camera.



Screenshot 2020-08-03 at 09.51.31.png


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Thanks for the responses. 

The LOD object works as expected. 
I didn't have to create different set of LOD Objects. I just had it parented to my current object and it worked. 🙂

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