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I consistently have this issue with bevels I am trying to do, and always have to make all the surrounding geometry Ngons.



Normally I am fine with it and isn't a bad thing..... except when it is. Naturally Ngons create their own problems, usually things I can foresee and take care of, except this:


It's like... an inverted bevel of sorts.


What am I missing here? I feel like there has to be a good method that I am completely ignorant to.

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No, the bevel tool is doing exactly what you told it to there as defined by the surrounding topology - the question should be 'why are we using a bevel to do this operation and is that the right tool for this job ?' And the answer is probably 'no'. At the very least you are not creating the correct circumstances for that tool to work nicely, and it is possible to create those circumstances without ever introducing a single ngon anywhere.


You need to upload the scene file with questions like these so we can fully understand what you are trying to do here, because it's not really clear from those pics and those words alone. I don't know what you started with, what your final result should look like, or what bevel settings you used. Get me the right information, and I'll be able to tell you the right way to solve the problem ! Without that it's too diffuse and nebulous a question to answer with any precision. however I can say the following...


It is sometimes a valid modelling technique to temporarily allow ngons in order to shortcut the bevel into being able to do similar things to what other tools could do better, but usually fairly bad practice to leave them like that afterwards - as you point out, they are not helpful in further modelling going forwards and are technically modelling mistakes, even though on planar surfaces or without SDS they won't necessarily show in render...






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