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Viewport renderer w/ no textures

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Hey Cafe,


So I've run into a small hitch with the new S22 Viewport Renderer. Pre S22, I'd use the Hardware Render to export quick wireframes as animatics but thats now gone in the latest version. Because I'm using Octane mats, everything in the Viewport Renderer comes out black as its not able to parse these textures.


I dont want to go through and delete all my texture tags so was wondering if anyone knew of a workaround? Currently Im using Octane's wireframe renderer but its not as fast as a straight HW one...

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Octane's viewport representation of materials is pretty bad, to the point where I've had viewport textures turned off since moving to octane. all I can suggest is either disable viewport textures, or sometimes if I need a quick opengl output I will save off another copy of my project, kill the materials then quickly throw on some basic c4d materials to get the opengl looking better. But that is only for a quick client animation preview.

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