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Spline as an Additional Guides?


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I can create a hair from a spline using the Hair Edit>Convert from Spline command. 
But how about spline as an additional guide (i.e. there is an existing hair object rather than creating a new one) ? 

Is this possible?


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If it is, I can't find the way, and the manual doesn't mention it at all as a possibility. So unless someone like @Rectrowants to come along and correct me, I'm gonna guess that's a no...



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Hi Ben


The hair object needs either a mesh in the guides settings, or splines as a single object.  You cant add additional splines once you start your groom otherwise it will mess up but you can combine copy, paste from one hair object to another, and you can try storing a groom and restore it.  Maybe If I understood what it was you were trying to do and why I could come up with something?



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Thanks for the response. 

RE: Maybe If I understood what it was you were trying to do
You understood it correctly. I just want a spline as an additional guide. Spline for me is easier to place and groom than the guides themselves. 
For the procedural styling, I just use the hair material. 

RE:  you can try storing a groom and restore it
My main problem with copy and paste guides from hair object to another is that it has this unnecessary offset. 
And the store/restore doesn't work on it. 

You can see an illustration of the problem here:

You can check the illustration file here:


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