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Cloning Fields/Fall-Offs?

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Is there a way to clone fields/fall-offs and have them affect an effector? 
You can see an illustration below, only the original field is working. The cloned fields have no effector?
Is there a way around this? 

Illustration file: 


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Cloner itself is dedicated to clone some kind of geometry/mesh mainly, but could be used as "distributor" for object placement.

All you need is making cloner editable (if you satisfied with fields/objects placement) with C key and drag all created field clones into effector field list. And last step is set blending mode to MAX for all fields...

When you now move with cloner field hierarchy, it will behave as you need...



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Thanks for the response. However, I plan to use to randomize offset the animation of the field. 
For instance, the initial field can have an animation range of 0-10, I want the other fields to vary such as 2-12 or 5-15 using the Randomize Effector. 

If I make them editable, I can no longer use the Randomize Effector, correct me if I'm wrong.
That's why I'd like them to be in a cloner so I can manage their time offset randomness rather than just a plain distribution tool. 

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