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What would be your dream workstation?

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This scene is the 4th one to crash my PC today. Rendering on a hand-me-down alienware area51 that's running a 1070 on 500G harddrive with only 16 G ram. Thankfully the lab I work at has offered to buy me a new PC for rendering (wooo!!!) and I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations as to which setup I should get? I think I can spend up to around 4000.


Is it worth it to have dual GPUs?


I usually make neuron renders on octane and pretty much every file has at least tens of millions of polygons. Thinking of an Alienware Aurora Ryzen.

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I'd suggest you have a word with a custom system builder - such as https://www.pugetsystems.com/ 
Puget have an excellent reputation and will advise you on a machine tailored to both your needs and budget.

Even if you decide not to use their services, you'll find excellent advice on appropriate system specifications on their site.

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Thank you. Here's Pugetsystems' recommended setup for C4D: https://www.pugetsystems.com/recommended/Recommended-Systems-for-Cinema-4D-166/Buy_187


I haven't built a PC before; maybe can give it a go.. I would prefer to get one that's already assembled but the more I research the more that seems unideal. 


I also found this C4D build guide from the /r/C4D.

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That's a VERY high end machine for C4D - a 3990X processor alone is around $3,600 : )
If you select the 3960X from the menu the price is much nearer your budget.

If you speak to Puget and inform them of your budget, I'm sure they'd advise appropriately.

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Personally I'd advise against self build in your situation - unless you're willing to spend considerable time both in learning and researching about the right components, and being prepared to take the risk if things go wrong.


While the physical assembly of a machine isn't very difficult, it's easy to specify incompatable parts and, while it's not highly likely, if things do go badly wrong - say you damage the motherboard CPU socket pins, or damage the CPU chip itself - that can be a very expensive accident. Thousands of $$$ expensive.


Please don't think I'm implying you can't - I'm sure you can : ), but there are significant risks involved in DIY.

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For a prebuilt system with a $4000 budget, the best youll find would be a 16 core ryzen, with 2080 gpu, 64 gigs ram and a 1tb nvme boot drive. To get a 24 core threadripper youll need to jump down to a 2060 and 32 gigs. IF you can push the budget to 5k then you can get a 32core threadripper machine.

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