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Any ideas why this renders infinitely on the last pass?

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Hi all,


I am trying to render a 3D brain and when I tried adding an hdr (for some reason always having trouble with hdris either showing up in render or destroying the background, prob doing something obvious wrong) anyway now when I hit render it runs through quickly then calculates infinitely on the last sample pass. Here is the project file. I've tried stopping the render early but that makes it go to black for some reason. Also closed and reopened C4D. I would appreciate any help! 




image (6).png

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The last part will be denoising or saving, it likely isn't the render that is failing but one of those other two. Denoising does seem a bit crash prone on less than perfect drivers/card. If you have no denoising then check your paths and file formats; could be a full drive, disconnected network drive.

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Tested, it is the denoiser crashing, You have it turned on in the render settings and the render passes tabs.


Also stop using PMC, it is needlessly slow and virtually indistinguishable from PT

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@imashinationthank you! I didn't thought I was supposed to turn denoising on in both places whoops!


I realized over the weekend that the scroll wheel on my mouse rotates the camera type in stead or scrolling down on the octane settings box so I have been accidentally scrolling through the various cams oops! 

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