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Offsetting cached hair?

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Hi, is there a way to offset cached hair simluation?

I've simulated hair in a seperate project where i set the timline from 200 to 300 frames. However, if i paste the cache into the main project which starts from frame 0, the cache starts from 0 aswell. I need it to start from frame 200 as i did at the separate project.

Is there a way to do it?



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So i found a solution.
I made an expresso that moves with the minimum time (in the project settings) in a way, that offsets the cached hair. For instance, if i have a shot that starts at frame 200 and i cached the simulation from 195 to 250 in the separate project. Then whenever we move at frame 200 in the main project, the timeline gets moved into frame 195 meaning the simulation fits perfectly in place and at the right time. 


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