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Another kick in the perpetuals - CV Tokens

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Over recent years with the MSA I've had a Cineversity account. However, I am, and hope to remain, a perpetual licence customer. 

One of the things I've relied on for good organisation within my studio is Cineversity 'CV tokens' for automatic file naming. Having date and time automatically embedded into file names is an important component in my job management - and a basic requirement for a professional level software IMO. Yesterday, 31 August, my final MSA / Cineversity membership expired. I now find I am unable to use CV tokens - "A Cineversity subscription is required to use CV tokens"

I have, this morning written to a MAXON contact to complain about this - in the hope that they might release CV tokens free to all.


This 'Subscribe or else' approach leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth - particularly when it holds back basic functionality like this.



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Blocking access to Cineversity for people with a valid licence is absolutely ridiculous. 

Taking simple functionally away from people will drive them to other DCCs, not subscriptions.

Very sad

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I'm not commenting on the Cineversity thing (I might use inappropriate words expressing general unhappiness) but here are some date/time tokens in a Python plugin.


Copy the plugin into the plugin folder. (Not the script folder.) You'll get 15 different date/time formats. R21 required.




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'Thank you' sounds quite inadequate. I'd actually been trying to code some python tokens myself this morning, but was messing up somewhere.

Your generosity stands in clear contrast to MAXON's current 'screw 'em for anything you can' approach.

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Just trying to advertise my Patreon to get some more subscribers, and then forgot the link, because I am dumb 😿


I only tested half of the tokens; if you find an error, drop me a note. (This is basically all Python datetime class.)


Learn more about Python for C4D scripting:


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Indeed very annoying and especially for something like cv tokens that should be inside c4d. In May 2019 we bought a second R20 perpetual and now we are scratching our heads with so much money wasted. The perks of subscribers vs old customers, are next to none and this is not cool.


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MAXON opened Cineversity to all Perpetual users a few months ago due to "the bug". 

My MSA expired in March and reached out to MAXON where the support sorted me out a few days later. If you had an active MSA while they opened it up then you need to contact support to make the license available again. 

It will appear in the My License under Available Licenses. I hope they extend it and isn't just a temporary measure but you can see there's an expiry set to end of the year for me anyway.





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OK that's good to know - thanks for the heads up.  I'll contact them and see what happens.


Nevertheless, I won't be relying on them again. I could well be back in the same situation in January. 

Cairyn's python solution works for me.


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Don´t know about that...but in my licence manager is not any sign about Cineversity service (I think there was some info weeks ago about non-active Cineversity, but now it´s gone)

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48 minutes ago, bezo said:

Don´t know about that...but in my licence manager is not any sign about Cineversity service (I think there was some info weeks ago about non-active Cineversity, but now it´s gone)


Worth reaching out to support and requesting access if you want. When my MSA ended there was no mention in my license of Cineversity. It was just they mentioned it during one of the live streams so I asked in the chat there. They said to contact support and they added it a few days later. 

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There are some serious flaws to how MAXON is managing their Python scripts via Cineversity only subscription.  At first, it was a nice plus to being a MAXON license holder when you knew that as long as you held a valid license, these scripts would work.  But now that they limit these scripts to subscription only customers is just plain wrong especially when their capability is NOT incorporated into a future release of the program.   People have come to depend on these scripts! 


So what's next?  Decisions to move features currently available in both perpetual and subscription licenses to ONLY be available in future subscription licenses?  We know they won't do that because it would mean maintaining two code basis but that is how it feels.  "Sorry...the square primitive is now only limited to subscription customers or if you have a Cineversity subscription!"   Now that is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point.  You just can't take features away from people if they have paid for a perpetual licenses and Cineversity scripts are features after all.


The scripts were once a wonderful act of goodwill that endeared us to MAXON -- but now that has changed.  Such a small thing too but it has a big impact on how customers view the company, their culture and "customer caring" (a big deal with some of the most successful companies --- there are whole books on the subject.  MAXON should read a few).  MAXON is really being shortsighted in this area.  Loosing a script is not going to move anyone to get a subscription, but it will move people to complain and potentially publicly trash in other forums MAXON's reputation.


Make all the scripts free and independent of a Cineversity subscription.  Again, they are such a small thing and the goodwill created will be more valuable than the time it took to create them.



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