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Team Render Server and VPN

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I couldn't find a forum for Team Render, so...


Yes, I have reached out to our IT guy to help with this, but in the mean time, maybe someone here can shed some light.


I'd like to start using Team Render Server since I'm still stuck at home. I also have a VPN to the office network. I can mount the office server on my desktop. So, I'm trying to figure out how to get my three render clients to show up locally at home. I have the IPs and the port numbers, but it won't connect in Team Render Server. Anyone have experience in setting something like this up?

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I found this article about it but it's pretty old. I've only set up Team Render on LAN. A few years ago I looked into setting up a TR on AWS but never went ahead with it. That'd have overheads with it.

Best of luck with it and hopefully someone here is able to help more.

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