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Animating falling dominoes with effector (not dynamics)


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This really is a dynamics situation but in answer to your original question here is a method to get the falloff going along a line / spline. I picked it up the other day watching hjorves MoGraph demystified, he uses it to light the buttons on a cellphone and give them a delay, he used a short tracer for that  ( very clever effect ) but this is full length to keep the effect "on" all the previous clones.

its hard to overcome the intersection and tipping start when one domino hits another. You basically use a tracer as falloff to make it work.



domino effector 02.c4d

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On 9/4/2020 at 7:45 PM, DasFrodo said:

I've attached a small example.


If you set the Dynamics Tag on the Stone to "Moving Mesh" (which is the slowest as it takes every single face into the calculation) you get a really, really slow simulation.

However, if you set it to "Another Object" or just "Automatic" (which works in this case because it's basically just a cube) then you get a really fast simulation. Primitives are very fast to calculate and in many cases it's worth building a seperate "collision mesh" if 100% accurate collisions are not necessary.


In this case "Moving Mesh" took over a minute just to reach 20% of the bake.

"Another Object" or "Automatic" took less than five seconds (!!!) for the entire bake.



Dominoes.c4d 533.38 kB · 0 downloads

Thank you for the file! I will try to work something off it - Many thanks

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