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A modern kitchen

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I would like your opinion on this, I'm not quite happy with it, I don't think it looks real enough.


The colour of the doors has to match the sample, which I think it pretty much does, and the layout is set in stone. So it's the lighting and texturing that must be off, do you agree?



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Im with CBR on the floor, defo a bit of depth of field up front but is the scale too big, those planks look like they might be a meter long. The blue material on cupboards looks maybe a bit flat, unless its matt paint style a bit of reflection might lift the edges and corners.

You are getting down to the details tho, better than I could do myself so I feel a bit odd giving criticism.



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Well, I must agree with Jay, he said it all pretty much. I would just add that for me, seems like side elements are bit off in scale.

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The brick wall, yep I agree, also I don't like the repeating texture, I can deal with that on Photoshop.

I agree about the floor too, I'll just do some random tinkering.

DOF, good idea.

Contrast, possibly, again I'll tinker.

I've added some random roughness to the door fronts but don't want to over do it as that's their product.


I'll be back with another render.


Thanks guys 😃


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22 minutes ago, Push said:

Thanks, it's the view the client wants unfortunately, although I will try again to see if they'll budge.

Just add few more angles to show him that he is wrong. 🙂

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