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Maxon Announces Cinema 4D R23 | Overview | Discussion


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Only commenting on the things I used. Scene nodes look promising (haven't tested), but more importantly again show a strong vision for the future. I also comment on the general outlook, MyMa

I had a surface level look at scene nodes but then digged into the past material nodes again and want to share some thoughts,  not so much about the functionality but the implications of the prio

Grateful I jumped off...and stuck w/plan for blender/R20. Will have soon saved nearly $2,000. Never had to fuss with broken plugins, bugs, hassles and modest upgrades. Already had Octane and Rizom UV.

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I'm just super-excited about the future of Cinema 4D with this release and the promised next steps. Having the ability to use nodes OR use a more familiar object manager type UI with the power of scene nodes is going to be wonderful. It feels like the road has been prepared for a good journey into what's next.

Plus, this version added in lots of useful little things. For example, extending the time of your scene actually extends the time of your scene instead of having to manually adjust the length. Tiny change with a big impact on day to day workflow.

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