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Maxon Announces Cinema 4D R23 | Overview | Discussion


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Only commenting on the things I used. Scene nodes look promising (haven't tested), but more importantly again show a strong vision for the future. I also comment on the general outlook, MyMa

I had a surface level look at scene nodes but then digged into the past material nodes again and want to share some thoughts,  not so much about the functionality but the implications of the prio

Grateful I jumped off...and stuck w/plan for blender/R20. Will have soon saved nearly $2,000. Never had to fuss with broken plugins, bugs, hassles and modest upgrades. Already had Octane and Rizom UV.

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Just catching RocketLasso overview and looks like a great release! Missed the presentation with work stuff. 

Love the improvements to reduce polygon and polygon flow for Volume as well. 


Nervous to find out what price the upgrade will be.

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VERY pleased with the remesher in R23, and also that of those available, they went with the instant meshes development, which is more useful than most due to its ability to use splines to guide poly flow. It won't save your hard surface CAD models (nothing can automatically yet) but it's a VERY helpful thing to have natively in the generators list... AND you can nest them, meaning that you can do simply ridiculous downstaging, with (limited) edge flow control at multiple levels, which has got to be a win for any serious modeller...





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32 minutes ago, Hrvoje said:

Neutron spinning 10 million clones in viewport, nice and smooth 😛




That's really cool. Looking forward to playing with that in the future.

Are you able to apply textures and render out from it too or is it just within it's own silo or something? 

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Watched the course from Hrovje last night and was blown away with what he makes. you can import objects, render and do crazy stuff like building effector that makes objects touch each other or custom deformer etc. It is programming geared and really low level at times. People who like mograph or used ICE before will explode in joy over this. What is missing is particles, fluids and there is sadly no way to control objects in viewport which then explains why it is tech demo but make no mistake this will attract ex Soft people who had no alternative before, now they do



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12 minutes ago, Batz said:

.... no way to control objects in viewport which then explains why it is tech demo...




I understand it's a 'tech demo' but could you kindly expand on this - what do you mean exactly by 'no way to control objects in the viewport'?


- and I had similar thoughts on the skills required to drive the system. I hope all the artists are up for a crash course on vector manipulation and matrix mathematics...  🙄

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