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Maxon Announces Cinema 4D R23 | Overview | Discussion


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sure. it seems that if you "import" objects from rest of Cinema you can use axis and handles but if you create, let's say a cube inside nodes (not the Cinema one) you don't get an axis with it. Doesn't seem to be needed due to whole concept of nodes but I would still prefer it

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Only commenting on the things I used. Scene nodes look promising (haven't tested), but more importantly again show a strong vision for the future. I also comment on the general outlook, MyMa

I had a surface level look at scene nodes but then digged into the past material nodes again and want to share some thoughts,  not so much about the functionality but the implications of the prio

Grateful I jumped off...and stuck w/plan for blender/R20. Will have soon saved nearly $2,000. Never had to fuss with broken plugins, bugs, hassles and modest upgrades. Already had Octane and Rizom UV.

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48 minutes ago, MikeA said:

Is it possible to texture scene node content - other than flat colour shading?

Yes of course. Both normal and Node materials work. If you use node materials you can also control parameters of the material individually.

Bottom image uses the same material for each sphere, upper image as well, but with the seed value of the material connected to the index of the cloned spheres.

Of course you need 23 for the attached scene 🙂

Node Material 02.jpg

Node Material 01.jpg

Node Material 01.c4d

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1 minute ago, lieber said:

Is there a list of nodes somewhere? That would say a lot about current state of and what is possible

Not that i am aware, but you can check 23 itself and the help once it is available later today.

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2 hours ago, Hrvoje said:

It would take some time to write them all down, here is a screenshot though 🙂


EDIT: Here is couple of screenshots, forum software is automatically compressing them.





That looks quite extensive, thanks for sharing. It looks like there is a lot in there 🙂

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33 minutes ago, SKaiser said:

Hey @everfresh, I noticed you were the author of the toon rig included in this release. Is this what happened to the rig you released for general use a few years ago (now pulled)?


What differences exist if so?



the differences are quite huge. if i'd have  to make a car analogy i'd say the one from back then was a skoda and the new one is a mercedes. much more comfortable to animate, better controller design, a lot more features, more flexibility. the only thing the old one was better was performance, so it was a very fast skoda 😉. with a lot more features of course the rig got more complex, but i spent a lot of time optimizing it for speed, so it's not that much slower. definitely worth the trade off IMO... used the new one in several productions now, it's much more fun to animate.

the most significant change is the face rig, the one that was available on vimeo just had a very simply face rig included. i've been using the way more complex face rig for a longer while now, but i never made it available for download because it was too hard to understand how to apply it to your character for the average user. so for the r23 release i spent a lot of time optimizing that process and making it way more user friendly.. you still should watch the tutorial i recorded, no way you can make a face rig like that entirely self-explanatory. it will be available soon on cineversity.

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That's great @everfresh, I'm glad you worked with MAXON for this functionality.


3 minutes ago, everfresh said:

you still should watch the tutorial i recorded,


Do you mean the Face Rig tutorial for your old template? (btw  - I've actually rigged a cartoon character using that body and face rig - but have been sidelined with so may other projects I haven't had a chance to use it yet :/)



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