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Houdini Engine install in R18

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Hi Cafe

I watched Digital meats tutorial on using Houdini assets and figured I would give it a try for a it more expansion to my R18 and some new toys to play with.


So in the vid and elsewhere it states that its important to run the installer from within Cinema, my problem there is that it downloads something that is apparently outdated and not correct as its only 162 KB anyway and no surprise cinema says the DMG isn't correct.

I thought I may need to do all the licence stuff first so I did that and in the process have installed the app and whatnot ( indie version ) on my HD and that all seems to work fine but I still don't have it in cinema and I cant point the installer at the correct dmg.

My first encounter with Houdini and Im not sure Im ready to dive into the app but would like to experiment with the assets in Cinema.

Any ideas / tricks to sort this one out. Latest Houdini download seems to be 18.0.566 and my cinema is asking for 15.5




Screenshot 2020-09-09 at 09.33.17.png

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This turns out to be an insurmountable problem, the Houdini site only has versions going back to 16, they said contact MAXON and after connecting with support they tell me its no longer possible, so its case closed on this one.



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