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Hello R23 - Goodbye ProRender

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Oh come on - be fair to 'em - they tried, nobody liked it, they kept trying, and still nobody liked it, and then they bought Redshift, which everybody likes. Onwards and upwards ! And there was a lot of other good stuff in R19, so not such a big loss I reckon...



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Thats really not fair to say. You have paid a lot of money for products that at some point simply gets old and you need to buy new one, better hopefully. Throwing out RPR makes a lot of sense, from all perspectives. This is definetly a good move and a step in right direction. This also means rendering tems will be able to focus on one render solution instead of bunch. 😉

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51 minutes ago, Unstable said:

Am I missing something or is there no upgrade price for the R23 perpetual license? Only the $3500 price for a new perpetual license. Hopefully, this is just an oversight. 

I saw this on Reddit yesterday;


What about non-subscription users?
This update is for both Subscription users (who can download it tomorrow if you have an active subscription) and R21 Perpetual licence holders who can upgrade to it for a $1000 USD upgrade fee.

MAXON is unveiling a new single subscription Bundle that includes Cinema4D R23, Redshift and Red Giant Complete for $1,200 USD per year. Not a bad deal, you save about $400 USD getting the bundle over getting each product separately.

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Folks, you missed a text under the subscription offers. As far as I understood, you need to get in contact with your resale person.

U Render Quality Assurance Specialist

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